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OROLIVE - A Matter of the Heart

The Orolive Project was born in the enchanting setting of Serracapriola, a small village on a hill in the Gargano National Park, by a group of friends, experts in high technology applied to cardiovascular health, who believe in the connection between progress, health and nature.

Thus was born the organic extra virgin olive oil OROLIVE.

Which is good for the heart. In every sense.

The ApoA-IV protein

It should also be noted that extra virgin olive oil is good for the heart and cardiovascular health in general: it increases the synthesis of a protein in the blood called ApoA-IV. This protein is able to control blood platelets, the cells that serve to prevent haemorrhaging but which, if they aggregate improperly, can lead to thrombi (block blood circulation) and thus to heart attacks or strokes.

This was revealed in research published in the journal “Nature Communications”.

ApoA-IV levels in the blood increase with the consumption of foods containing unsaturated fats such as the extra virgin olive oil.

This was explained by experts at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, who corroborated this research by showing that the ApoA protein reduces the ability of blood platelets to cluster together and then form dangerous artery-clogging thrombi.

They discovered, in fact, the exact mechanism by which the molecule ties to a receptor on the blood platelets preventing them from aggregating, and this is an important mechanism because it protects us from the formation of atherosclerosis plaques, which is also a process related to the function of platelets.

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