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Organic Olive Oil Made In Puglia - A Guarantee of Quality and Tradition

The protagonist of our olive oil is the PERANZANA olive, a product of excellence of which the people of northern Apulia, who have been cultivating it for centuries, are very proud.

It was imported by the De Sangro family around 1700 and is a pure, non-hybrid cultivar, as the resulting oil is made exclusively from this single variety and not from mixtures of different olives.

Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Orolive is a product of certified origin, since its production process is not only completely managed by our company, thus ensuring direct contact with us as producers, but it is also based on organic farming methods. This aspect, together with respect for our land and environment, are the main values on which our company has been founded.

The health of our planet is the core of our farming philosophy; our olive trees grow in harmony with nature, in accordance with organic farming standards.

This means that no chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides or any non-natural fertilisers are used.

Our monovarietal oil is therefore not only an organic and healthy product, but also a product of the finest quality with unique properties and characteristics, both chemically and organoleptically, obtained from the the above mentioned Peranzana variety.

Its emerald green colour with golden highlights ,and balanced taste with a mild fruity hint, provide this product with a good and long shelf life.

This olive oil has a very slight level of acidity and is best enjoyed after the olives have been pressed, when the well-distributed aromas of bitterness and spiciness can be appreciated. It has notes of tomato, rocket and artichoke with a rich and lively flavour.

Compared to other varieties of extra virgin olive oil, it has higher chlorophyll and carotene levels that prevent it from becoming rancid in the short term.

Orolive is therefore distinguished from other olive oils by its perfectly balanced flavour that never exceeds bitter or spicy tastes.

High-quality olive oil: how to recognize it

The attention given to managing the olive orchard, harvesting, processing and preserving the olives determines the quality of the olive oil.

In order to recognise a top quality extra virgin olive oil, it is therefore important to ensure that the production and processing techniques of the raw material are meticulously observed, right up to its distribution on the market.

The cold treatment of the olives:

The best Italian extra virgin olive oil must be produced from healthy olives, processed using cold mechanical procedures and without the addition of any chemical additives.

This system requires that only healthy fruits, harvested from the tree, are milled within 12 hours of being picked and that they are cold pressed.

With the cold pressing process, the oil is extracted through a mechanical process that keeps the temperature of the olive paste below 27°.

This technique allows the organoleptic characteristics to be preserved while safeguarding the quantity of minerals, vitamins and antioxidant substances useful for our health.

How to know if the olive oil is Italian?

Ours is a 100% Italian product: extracted in Italy directly from organic olives grown in Italy, obtained solely by mechanical means, and cold-pressed from hand-picked olives of the high-quality Peranzana variety.

The label is the identity card of the product you are about to buy, the producers must in fact indicate the country of provenance and the place of production!

To make sure that the olive oil is Italian, you must then check that it is labelled 'Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained in Italy from olives harvested in Italy'.

Suolo e Salute Association

Our Orolive Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is certified by the Suolo e Salute Association.

Suolo e Salute is the first control and certification organisation for organic products in Italy.

Suolo e Salute Association was founded in 1969 and was the first, in Italy, to promote the organic-mineral method, from which organic farming originated.

Since 1992, it has been authorised by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture to carry out control and certification activities for organic production methods, and to the present day it has collaborated and cooperated with Italian and foreign universities and research institutions on all aspects concerning the inspection and the certification of agri-food production.

The Suolo e Salute Association is a dynamic, versatile reality, attentive to innovation and development in the organic sector and, more generally, in the entire agri-food sector; the same reality and the same principles on which our company Orolive is also founded.